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Yellowstone Recovery Offers Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs in Orange County, Southern California

Over the past 20 years, Yellowstone Recovery has provided affordable alcohol and drug rehab programs in Southern California to over 5,000 men and women. Our drug rehab centers are located in beautiful Orange County which is at the heart of Southern California; there are few places on earth better to escape the grasps of addiction than in the endless sunshine along the Pacific Coast. We recognize how inescapable the downward spiral of addiction can feel and work tirelessly to offer freedom for our clients.

We help clients break free from addiction to:

  • Alcohol
  • Street Drugs – Heroin, Marijuana, Methamphetamine & Cocaine
  • Designer Drugs Ecstasy, Spice & Bath Salts
  • Prescription Pills Vicodin, Xanax, Valium & Klonopin

At Yellowstone Recovery southern california drug and rehab center, we offer a complete continuum of care to our clients beginning with detoxification where our clients focus on recovering from the physical aspect of addiction. The detox process can take up to 10 days depending on the severity of the client’s physical dependency. Next, our clients move into primary residential treatment where they work on the mental aspects of their addiction. After primary care, our clients will transition to extended care which focuses on re-entry into society. Many treatment centers discharge at this point (after inpatient alcohol and drug rehab is over), but Yellowstone emphasizes the importance of ongoing support. Once our clients have completed 90 days in residential drug rehab treatment in rehabilitation center Southern California they are able to move into one of our sober living facilities where they can continue to receive assistance by attending our outpatient treatment aftercare.

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Experiential Therapy

Experiential Therapy is a category of practices that encourages patients to re-condition their minds through activities and, well, experiences. Our clients are given the opportunity to role play and act out what they are feeling. We strive to teach new coping tactics so that negative emotions aren’t so overwhelming. But we also have fun! We work on building trust and maintaining relationships with group activities such as softball and camping trips. We demonstrate that there are a multitude of positive ways for our clients to spend their time. One of the biggest challenges addicts face upon re-entry is not knowing what to do with their “down-time”. Our clients are presented with new ways to spend these hours during the day and encouraged to develop hobbies and friendships with their peers.

Group Counseling

Clients attending our drug rehab program in Orange County receive counseling within a group setting on a daily basis. These sessions consist of regular check in’s, process groups and educational groups. Topics for these groups and discussions include, but are not limited to, relapse prevention, triggers, anger management, art therapy, music therapy, and the family afterward. Our full alcohol & drug detox program curriculum can be found here. Our alcohol & drug detox program curriculumis truly comprehensive and professional. Each group is run by a trained counselor and each client’s input is encouraged and valued. Understanding the sharing process at a group level is pivotal in the sobriety of an alcoholic reminding them they are not alone and learning to rely on the recovery community. For more information regarding group alcohol & drug treatment in Southern California. Please contact our intake and admissions office at (888) 897-1455.

Individual Counseling

Each client will participate in at least one individual session each week with their case manager. Each session is designed for the client to feel free to share about not only their addiction but other co-occurring issues that were a result of their drinking and drug use. Within the safety of these sessions individuals will explore the options of what a new life in recovery looks like, how to cope with stressful life situations and willingness to get down to the causes and conditions of each individuals addiction. Their individual alcohol & drug treatment counseling sessions in Yellowstone Orange County will teach the client about the value of routine, effective communication and how to process feelings in a safe, non-impulsive manner.

Placement Assistance

Many alcoholics and addicts face the dilemma of being unemployed. We value the necessity of being self-supportive in all our endeavors and start the process after day 30. The first step on job search is to secure each individual in a sober, solid group of peers to assist them in the employment finding process. We encourage the value of a “get well” job and work with many local businesses in Orange County, CA on job placement. Our clients learn such basics as; resume writing, mock interviews, learning to use public transportation and ethics in the work place. To learn more about our job placement program in Orange County, California call today and speak with one of our intake specialists at (888) 897-1455.

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